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Required Forms

Riders MUST complete a separate form for each class attending. Save time and photo copy your completed form and bring with you at check in.


Our objective is to provide a premium motocross schooling experience and professional instruction. Due to the high demand for our clinics, limited availability and in fairness to others - we are forced to implement the following refund policy. Any questions please contact us. Chances are good we can work through a situation if we know about it in advance.


30+ days from camp opening…………Full Refund, must notify us in advance, and please call.


29 => 15 days from camp opening..…..Full Refund if we fill your slot. ½ Refund if we do not, must notify us in advance, and please call.


14 => 0 days from camp opening ….....½ Refund if we fill your slot, must notify us in advance, and please call.


Note 1: All refunds must be notified to us in writing along with a self addressed stamped envelope so we can return your payment promptly.


Note 2: All cancellations, forfeits and no-show fees will be donated to the general scholarship fund to help the camp. Upon request, we can provide a tax receipt for your donation.


Note 3: Please allow us two weeks to process any refunds. We will get them out as quickly as we can.


To avoid confusion, we urge you to please contact us first.


ALL forms MUST be completed before rider enters the track




·         Dirt bikes must stay in 1st gear while riding in parking lot.

·         NEVER ride your dirt bike on paved road (Kirkland Avenue).

·         Be respectful of other vehicles, bikes, and trailers.



·         Be geared up and ready to ride at your scheduled clinic time.

·         Respect others body’s, emotions, and physical space.

·         Absolutely no quarreling, teasing, punching, kicking, spitting, or fighting of any kind will be tolerated. 

·         Absolutely no gum chewing during clinics.

·         Bring plenty of water and a light healthy snack.

·         During class instruction please wait your turn to speak by raising your hand politely.

·         Be helpful when needed.

·         Be responsible with your belongings.

·         Bring a positive attitude to the clinic.



·         Helmet

·         Boots

·         Jersey

·         Pants

·         Gloves

·         Chest Protector

·         Neck Brace

·         Knee Braces

·         Goggles



·         Brakes

·         Throttle

·         Grips

·         Tire pressure

·         Properly warm up bike

·         Gas is on

·         Choke is off



·         Learn the track

·         Never cut the track

·         Locate the risky areas

·         Locate the trainers

·         Never stop on the track

·         If you crash, get off the track as quick as possible

·         Look ahead

·         Be alert and be smart



15 Reasons

Why People Get Hurt



1. Riders don’t look at the track for new obstacles or track direction.


2. Riders cutting the track and not knowing where to enter or exit track.


3. Not enough gas in tank or forget to turn the gas on.


4. Make sure the bike is warmed up and the choke is off.


5. Lack of Maintenance on bike: (Loose spokes, loose grips, loose bolts and tire pressure)


6. Not wearing safety gear.


7. Wrong size or improper fitting safety gear.


8. Peer Pressure


9. Knowing to hold your line and how to move over.


10. Understand the flag system (Yellow, Green, Red, Black, Blue w/Yellow line, White and Checkered)


11. Know where the flaggers and medics are stationed at the track.


12. Spectators near or on the track.


13.  Not obeying the rules of the yellow flag, no passing and no jumping. Be sure to look ahead.


14. Stopping on the track


15. Allowing distractions to affect your focus.

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