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Repairs & Maintenance

We stand behind our service work here 100%. If we determine that we somehow overlooked some aspect of the job, we would do whatever is necessary to fix the problem. If a part fails prematurely for any reason other than incorrect assembly on our part, which almost never happens, labor will not be warranted.We are meticulous professionals here that take our time to fix things right the fist time. 



Mod 1. Suspension


Whether you're racing motocross, hare-scrambles, enduros, or flat-track, and you're suspension is not set-up right  it's not going to perform for you at optimum levels. You won't be as fast or confident and you will wear out quicker because your suspension will be throwing you off or bottoming out and bouncing you around. You need to be able to control your bike and put it where you want it to go, not have your bike control you.


Though the cost of a suspension build may seam like a lot, the rewards are of way more worth than the cost... A properly set up and built suspension is probably the #1 biggest performance improvement you can do to your bike.

Performance Modifications

At the Roosters Nest MX Pro Shop we know you take pride in the bike you ride and we will take care of it as if it was our own.  In addition to general repair and maintenance we build top level custom race and hillclimb bikes.  If your bike needs to be serviced, repaired, or modified, you've come to the right place.  Below are the five top performance modifications. 

Our labor rate is an affordable $65 per hour.

Mod 2. Fuel Injection


Another important performance modification we recommend is Dobeck Performance's Electronic Jet Kit (EJK).  It is the #1 electronic fuel injection controller on the market.


Purchase yours at the Roosters Nest MX Pro and let us take care of the installation and dial it in for you. You will be off to a better, more powerful and smoother ride. Its your time to be riding with great performance.   

Custom Builds

Have you ever wanted to "Face the Vert" clutched to a 165 hp mountain eating machine.


A 1200 cc Custom Hillclimber

is just for you!


Designed and built by Master Technician and Veteran Pro Hillclimber Jason Lambercht.

Mod 3. Top End Rebuild & Inspection


If your top end hasn't been checked or rebuilt in more than 20 hours, get on it! A fresh top-end is preventative maintenance, and it can bring back that couple of ponies you need to make that pass.  

Mod 4. Gearing/Sprockets


When you are ready to step it up, and find the advantage and get that extra drive. That's when it's time to start messing with your sprockets!


If it's geared too tall then you'll have to do more clutch work, and acceleration won't be as good as it could be. Too low of gearing and you will be shifting to much or will not have that top end pull.


Ask our experts how to gear your bike properly.

Mod 5. Exhaust


The reason exhaust is number five on this list is because factory exhaust systems are actually pretty good these days, so most bikes won't gain much power from an aftermarket exhaust (yes, even after re-jetting it!). They usually move the power around more than anything. 


A pipe that offers more low-end to mid-range power is better for beginning riders and woods riding. For outdoor motocross tracks and riders that like to wring their bikes out, a pipe for top-end power is best suited. When looking for the right exhaust pipe, keep in mind that if you add power to one end of the RPM range, it will probably lose some on the other end.

Custom Seats

Also, ask about our custom seat builds and modifications for rider height and grip. 



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